Battle Honour of the Month – (ARGENTA GAP – 18TH APRIL 1945)

In the final attack on the Germans in Italy in 1945 the 9th Lancers formed the spearhead of the attack. The Argenta position was the last which the Germans could hold north of the River Po.

The 9th Lancer Group consisted of the Regiment and the 2nd London Irish Rifle carried in the ‘Kangaroos’ of 4th Hussars, a 4th Hussar Tank Squadron, ‘E’ Battery RHA and some Engineers.

The attack went in on the 18th April, 1945, with ‘A’ and ‘B’ Squadrons in the lead. They had to fight every yard of the way; the country was very difficult to cross owing to the innumerable drainage ditches. Lt. Joicey’s troop of ‘B’ Squadron captured two bridges over the Fosso Benvignante intact. As it grew dark all squadron groups reported that they had gained their objectives on the Fosso Sabbiosola. Lt Colonel Price wrote “When I stepped out of my tank the countryside was an incredible sight. It was quite dark and we were completely surrounded by a ring of fire. It was a very big thrill indeed to sit in the middle of this ring of fire and realise the extent of the destruction wrought by the 9th Lancers Group and to know that we had burst the Argenta Gap wide open.”