Regimental Charitable Trust

How to Apply:

All applications for financial assistance should be addressed to the SSAFA Forces Help  Branch/Division nearest to the applicants home. To find your nearest SSAFA Forces Help office visit at and for all other assistance and inquiries contact HHQ

If you are in difficulty the nearest Royal British Legion office or Department of Social Security Office will assist. A representative (Caseworker) from SSAFA Forces Help will make contact and will meet the applicant to determine the facts relating to the application for assistance.  A written report will then be submitted to the Regimental Secretary for consideration. Once the case has been considered the decision will be referred back to the relevant SSAFA Forces Help Branch who will be advised what amount has been awarded and how the grant is to be used. Grants will not be paid directly to the applicant.

However, if unsure please contact:

Regimental Secretary
HHQ - Lancer House
The Royal Lancers
Prince William of Gloucester Barracks


Tel: 0115 9573195