Cavalry Memorial Weekend 2013

This year’s Cavalry Memorial Weekend was a mixture of highs and lows.  The weekend started with the Cavalry Cup Football final which saw the Regiment lose 2-1 to 2 RTR.  This was unfortunate since they took an early lead and 2 RTR equalized after a penalty, which seemed to change the game.  Of course it is more unfortunate in that it would have been the last opportunity for the Regiment to hold the cup, before amalgamation.  On the plus side we were joined at the football by In-Pensioner Eddy Jackson (former 9L) who was on good form, and thoroughly enjoyed his first outing with the Regiment.  The evening saw the OCA Annual Dinner and AGM at the HQ of London Scottish Regiment where 21 individuals attended the AGM and 85 joined us for dinner.  The following morning saw the OCA and serving Regiment parade in Hyde Park for the Cavalry Memorial parade.  This year the OCA banner was carried by Matt Brasssington who clearly was the youngest standard bearer on parade and did a sterling job with no rehearsal. In total we managed to have a marching squad on about 120 personnel.  After the parade the marching squad split into two halves with 61 eating at the Cavalry and Guards Club and everyone one else going to the Tea Clipper.  In truth most people ended up at the Tea Clipper in the end.  This year we were also joined by our other In-Pensioner LCpl Jack Pickington, who was known to many of those marching as he only left the Regiment in the early 1980s.  Jack turned up in his Scarlet’s and Tricorn and looked the real deal and added some much needed colour to the day.  Next year’s parade will the 90th Anniversary parade and will be held on 11 May 2014.

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