Regimental Tercentenary

Tercentenary Weekend

OCA Tercentenary Details for those who need the details - Letters and emails also sent tonight.

1. Arrival. All OCA are to report to the Guardroom at Cambrai Barracks, DL9 3PZ where their details will be held.

2. Dress. The dress for the Drumhead Service (As per Cavalry Memorial Parade) Officers dark lounge suits and bowler hats and umbrellas. ORs Blazer or suit, no head dress. All ranks are to wear medals and regimental ties (OCA may wear any regimental tie they are entitled to wear).

3. Accommodation in Cambrai Barracks – Accommodation is also available on Friday and Sunday evening – only by request to HHQ

4. Messing – Offrs to eat in the Offrs’ Mess all remaining OCA are to dine in the WOs’ and Sgts’ Mess.

5. Payment. For those still to pay for the weekend there is a minimum charge of 5 per person (food only) – please pay Assistant Regimental Secretary.

6. Transport timings. The minibus will pick up at the following places and times on Saturday 25 Jul 15:

7. Return transport to hotels after ORP – There will be transport provided to hotels after the ARP. These details will be collected on arrival.

Bus 1 (Roberts) – 10 passengers

06.45 - Tiger’s Road (LE18 4UX – Secure car parking available) x 5
07.15 - Leicester Train Station TBC
07.30 - St Margaret’s Bus Station (Leicester) x 3 pax
08.15 - Hanley Bus Station x 2 pax
12.30 - Arrive Catterick

Bus 2 (Regimental minibus)

0600 – Union Jack Club (London) x 2
1230 - Arrive Catterick