Commanding Officer’s Update from Regimental Duty

Firstly, when I wrote to you in March I promised to reinstate a three-monthly newsletter to keep all Lancers aware of what we are up to.  I think I have managed to hit H-Hour with this update on our last three months, which is designed to keep both you, Lancers at ERE, as well as our wider Regimental family and friends up to date.  It covers, amongst other things, our deployments to Texas, Finland, and Germany.  It is designed to be accessible to a wide audience, and is therefore pithy, heavy on pictures, and written at OFFICIAL.  If you want to know more, including reading PXRs, the Ops Offr can organise it for you.  There has been an outbreak of modernity in Cambrai Lines, and therefore this is our first ever digital newsletter, optimised for viewing on an phone or tablet, but equally accessible on a desktop and via MoDnet.  The more technically minded could even access it via the QR code below my signature block…

Secondly, I am delighted that the 2018 edition of the Chapka has now been published and is available to all serving Royal Lancers.  I am acutely aware, from personal experience whilst at ERE, that it is no simple matter ensuring that all serving officers and soldiers get their copy.  Please feel free to pick your copy up from the PRI stand over the Regimental Weekend.  If you are unable to attend, we can send it to wherever you happen to be posted.  In this case please confirm you postal address to 2IC B Sqn ( by 10 Jun 19 and we will get your copy posted to you.

I look forward to seeing many of you in Catterick over the weekend. Bring your umbrella.


Lt Col A N B Foden DSO MBE

Free – The Veterans’ Pain Clinic (Centre for Veterans’ Health King Edward VII’s Hospital)

Free to all veterans with a  GP referral letter and proof of service will be required before attending.
Centre for Veterans’ Health King Edward VII’s Hospital – Advice & guidance, on your pain related issues. The next available appointments will be on Monday 20th May 2019 – Contact us: 0207 467 4348 or
Our first two years have received outstanding feedback. Launched in June 2017, the Veterans’ Pain Clinic, part of the Centre for Veterans’ Health, at King Edward VII’s Hospital has been a great success. In our satisfaction survey, veterans said: “A fast referral system” “Delighted with the time spent with the consultant” 100% of responders would recommend the service to veteran friends and colleagues.
The Veterans Pain Clinic is free of charge to all veterans who are able to provide proof of service. The costs will be covered by the Hospitals’ Military Grants Fund charity.
The consultant is Dr Dominic Aldington. Having served in the Royal Army Medical Corps he was the Subject Matter Expert in Pain to the Surgeon General and was responsible for organising pain relief from the point of injury until a casualty left the service. This saw him working at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court and the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine in Birmingham, as well as undertaking a number of deployments during his career. He will offer advice and guidance on your pain related issues, including a medication review and will liaise with your NHS GP helping you to optimise your pain management.
A GP referral letter and proof of service will be required before attending.