‘Tank Tea’ – Thu 06 May 2021 at 1700-1800 hrs.

5th May 2021

05 May 2021
Dear Old Comrades and Veteran Lancers,
‘Tank Tea’ – Thu 06 May 2021 at 1700-1800 hrs.  On this occasion we will use ‘Tank Tea’ to celebrate the successor to all our Lancer Regiments, The Royal Lancers (Queen Elizabeths’ Own), now 6 years old (formed 02 May 2015). 
‘Tank Tea’ continues to be a vehicle for supporting one another during the COVID 19 Pandemic.  To date we have taken the opportunity to recall our antecedent Lancer histories.   On this occasion we will raise a tea cup to our successors who serve as Lancers today and in the future.  I hope that as many of you as possible will make time to connect with members of the Serving Regiment, particularly through your Branches/link Squadron affiliates.  I have arranged to call the Commanding Officer to send our Association’s best wishes.  I also hope to use the opportunity to understand further the expectations and desires of those who serve today in order that our RL OCA strategy, currently under review, is better positioned to meet their potential needs in the future.  If you are not in a branch and would like to call someone in the Serving Regiment, please connect with our RL Liaison Officer, Capt Joe Cassidy, email:   Joe has kindly agreed to make arrangements to connect you with a squadron affiliated to your antecedent Regiment.


Royal Lancer Crews – May 2021 ‘Tank Tea’

‘RL OCA Salutes RL – Thank you for your service’

You will recall from ‘Tank Tea’ in Jan 21, I brought to mind the progress of our Lancers in North Africa in 1943.  The 9L and 12L racing forward from El Alamein (Oct 42) as a part of 8th Army.  This month, 78 years ago they made their link up with fellow Lancers, the 16/5L, 17/21L and 27L, part of 1st Army’s Op TORCH landing (Nov 42) in a move that drove Rommel and his Africa Corps into the sea. 
Meanwhile, at home a year later in May 1944, the 24L (formed in 1940 from 9L and 17/21L) were preparing for D-Day.  Elements of 24L landed on the second tide on D-Day 06 Jun 44, with the majority landing as planned on GOLD Beach the following day.  On Thu 10 Jun 21, our plan is to hold our next ‘Tank Tea’ to recall and raise a tea cup to the 24L who landed in France 77 years ago.  We are fortunate to have a small number of 24L with us today and we will unite in thinking of them and wishing them well with our ‘Tank Tea’ on that day.
More widely, I am pleased to inform that Maj David Chivers has taken post within the RL OCA Committee as the Vice Chair representing QRL.
‘Tank Tea’ – you know the drill!  1700 -1800 hrs, Thu 06 May 2021; make a brew, call a Lancer, and check that they are well.  If someone is not well, either physically, struggling mentally or lonely, particularly during this COVID time, then please offer to reach out with assistance.   
During this COVID Pandemic, please continue to follow government advice on staying safe.
William English CBE
Chairman RL OCA