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Colonel William English – Chairman of The Royal Lancers Old Comrades’ Association and Trustee of The Royal Lancers Charitable Trust.


I am writing to inform you that after ‘listening and discussing’ the needs of Veteran Lancers widely across the Regiment, I am now forming The Royal Lancers Old Comrades’ Association (RL OCA) Committee.  In January I wrote a notice on Facebook through Home Headquarters informing that I would in due course be forming a committee to support the work of: ‘Remembrance’; ‘Benevolence’ and ‘Networking’.  I can now inform that the RL OCA Committee will be made up as follows:

Chairman:                                         Col William English

Vice Chairman 9/12L:                     Lt Col (Retd) John Pearce

Vice Chairman 16/5L & QRL:        Maj (Retd) Chris Knight

Vice Chairman 17/21L & QRL:      Capt (Retd) Richard Dzierozynski

Liaison HHQ:                                    Maj (Retd) Phil Watson

Liaison RL:                                        Capt Steven Mansfield

Liaison CCOCA:                               Mr Dick Boorman

Tower Host & Asst CCOCA:          Yeoman Warder Steve McMenamy

Many of you are members of Branches and/or Informal Groups, but some Veteran Lancers are not – no matter.  The Vice Chairmen listed above now have Areas of Responsibility (AOR) based around their antecedent regimental recruiting areas (see attached ppt).  They will be talking to Leaders of Branches and Informal Groups, providing advice, support and a voice at committee meetings.  In order that you as an individual may have a voice too, you can contact your antecedent Vice Chairman irrespective of your location (UK and worldwide) to discuss an antecedent matter; your voice will be heard at committee and you will receive a response to any question you raise.  For those RL veterans starting to emerge from service in the RL, should you wish to contact your Vice Chairman, you should contact the Vice Chairman who covers the region in which you live.

The work we do in support of you ensures that our Veteran Lancers retain both dignity and respect in retirement – collectively we are maintaining pride in self and ensuring that our antecedent regiments traditions remain in place and the serving Royal Lancers remain, in unity, the very best regiment in the world.  Proud to be a British Lancer - ‘Forged as One’.