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Colonel William English – Chairman of The Royal Lancers Old Comrades’ Association and Trustee of The Royal Lancers Charitable Trust.


I am writing to inform you that after ‘listening and discussing’ the needs of Veteran Lancers widely across the Regiment, I am now forming The Royal Lancers Old Comrades’ Association (RL OCA) Committee.  In January I wrote a notice on Facebook through Home Headquarters informing that I would in due course be forming a committee to support the work of: ‘Remembrance’; ‘Benevolence’ and ‘Networking’.  I can now inform that the RL OCA Committee will be made up as follows:

Chairman:                                         Col William English

Vice Chairman 9/12L:                     Lt Col (Retd) John Pearce

Vice Chairman 16/5L & QRL:        Maj (Retd) Chris Knight

Vice Chairman 17/21L & QRL:      Capt (Retd) Richard Dzierozynski

Liaison HHQ:                                    Maj (Retd) Phil Watson

Liaison RL:                                        Capt Steven Mansfield

Liaison CCOCA:                               Mr Dick Boorman

Tower Host & Asst CCOCA:          Yeoman Warder Steve McMenamy

Many of you are members of Branches and/or Informal Groups, but some Veteran Lancers are not – no matter.  The Vice Chairmen listed above now have Areas of Responsibility (AOR) based around their antecedent regimental recruiting areas (see attached ppt).  They will be talking to Leaders of Branches and Informal Groups, providing advice, support and a voice at committee meetings.  In order that you as an individual may have a voice too, you can contact your antecedent Vice Chairman irrespective of your location (UK and worldwide) to discuss an antecedent matter; your voice will be heard at committee and you will receive a response to any question you raise.  For those RL veterans starting to emerge from service in the RL, should you wish to contact your Vice Chairman, you should contact the Vice Chairman who covers the region in which you live.

The work we do in support of you ensures that our Veteran Lancers retain both dignity and respect in retirement – collectively we are maintaining pride in self and ensuring that our antecedent regiments traditions remain in place and the serving Royal Lancers remain, in unity, the very best regiment in the world.  Proud to be a British Lancer - ‘Forged as One’.

I am pleased to draw your attention to the following appointments in the New Year’s Honours List published today.


As a Commander

Brigadier Andrew Gordon HUGHES, MBE

As a Member

Major Martin Patrick MORRISSEY, The Royal Lancers

A total of 55 Members of the Armed Forces have received honours and awards in the latest Operational Honours and Awards List for the period 1 January to 30 September 2015.

Amongst them was the Colonel for his leadership on Op GRITROCK which led to Ebola being brought under control in Sierra Leone:

Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service (QCVS)

Brigadier Andrew Gordon HUGHES MBE

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The Tercentenary  Celebrations Weekend.

A few comments by ‘OCA Old Comrade - Bluebell’


On arrival, a short and interesting talk took place introduced by Richard Charrington and others enlightening on the historical background of the formation in 1715 of the original regiments, and subsequent reformations and battle honours to present day.

Regimental Fete and Athletics Competition.

At the garrison athletics stadium a number of stands were in place to feed and entertain the visitors. The catering tent seen with dramatic flames and smoke as each new batch of burgers were offered to the barbeque. (Was there a vegetarian option?)

Tangled girls were face painting, the kids, and a band played on. The athletics continued dare I say in the background?

Saturday Evening – All Ranks Party.

Saw food and drink in abundance at the top of the square, with a dodgem fairground ride all to ourselves.  (Not sure about the Thai Green Curry though).

Beer was beer, lager was lager and cider was cider, seems the labels of Strongbow, John Smiths, etc., were not to be believed. Lots of loud disco music (not much dancing, perhaps I didn’t stay late enough). I didn’t try the Bull Ride.

Met the signals officer 2ic, talked about the twitter account, great job there. Would like to contact them, perhaps periscope might have been an alternative for the live option?

Off to W.O. and Sergeant’s mess, quieter there easier to talk, but still got busy as night progressed. Seems my R.E.M.E. L.A.D status is not held against me and I managed to absorb the banter and jibes in the spirit they were made in! (Friendly and sorry for me??). Left just before 01:00 have work to do filming tomorrow, after all had at least three pints! One is OK, two I’m any bodies, and three – I'm no bodies. Got up three times for unmentionable reasons, something to do with men of a certain age, let’s leave it at that.

 Up at 07:15 on Sunday.

Off to re-recce the parade ground and look at possible filming positions, would have been nice to have been on a rehearsal so I would know what to expect, so all guess work!

The Richmond Centre for breakfast!

Back to get ready and to discretely film events and try not to become a distraction by falling over, making noises etc. or in any other way stealing the show. (Did anyone notice me? Doubt it.)

The Parade and Drumhead Service.

Wish I had been at a rehearsal! (Have I said this before?) Parade formed up, not where I expected. Filmed the whole regiment and old comrades moving off. Run/hobble over to far side of parade ground to see them form up, guess where they would turn, set up camera, no, try again, quick adjust zoom and position, missed the first bit! Then OK, got some of the march on, lets zoom in for OCA, no too much try again, that better.

Move around the site getting clips of this and that (bet the BBC don’t have my problems). This panning a bit jumpy! Try a different technique, mmmm wish I had a directional microphone, mmmm wish I could get up higher, mmmm wish I could film in three places at the same time, mmmm wish I knew that the march past was going to salute the other way, mmmm wish I had been to a rehearsal, (definitely heard that before).

However got some footage (and exercise) will rush back after lunch in the mess and put together the rushes (now I know why they are called that), and get them up on site. (Wow 1.7Gbyte!)


Looks like a great weekend had by all, OCA especially, and me even more so. Must try this again, got to be better next time.

P.S. Thanks Phil for cleaning my medal issued in 1967 and never seen brasso!