The Queen Presents the Regiment with a New Guidon and Honorary Title

19th April 2017


The Regiment was presented with its Guidon by our late Colonel in Chief at a ceremony at Windsor Castle on 5th April 2017. At Her Majesty’s request the ceremony, which took place at Windsor Castle during the Easter Court, was both intimate and short. Including Soldiers on Parade and spectators the numbers involved were limited to 65 – there will be full trooping of the Guidon in front of the Regiment and Old Comrades on the Mons week-end of the 24th-25th June 2017
A number of people have been confused by the distinction granted to the Regiment by the late Queen, ‘The Queen Elizabeths’ Own’.  In her Majesty’s address and Brigadier Hughes’s response make it clear what the distinction is and why The Queen has granted that distinction!
Queen’s speech
CoR Response to HM
A number of photographs are carried on the Daily Mail website:…/The-Queen-honours-Royal-Lancer…
and a video can be found here.…
Attached is an electronic copy of the Order of Service which includes photographs and descriptions of both sides of the Guidon
Guidon Service Booklet