Troop Sergeant-Major John Berryman VC, 17th (The Duke of Cambridge’s Own) Lancers

10th July 2020

John Berryman was born on the 28th July 1825 at Dudley, Worcestershire.
He was working as a cabinet maker prior to enlistment in 17th Lancers 18.10.1843.
He was promoted to Corporal 21.10.1851, and Sergeant 2.8.1854.
He rode in the Charge of the Light Brigade (Horse shot) 25.10.1854.
Berryman was awarded the Victoria Cross for gallantry at Balaclava.
The citation stated “Served with his Regiment the whole of the war, was present at the Battle of Alma, and also engaged in the pursuit at Mackenzie’s Farm, where he succeeded in capturing three Russian prisoners, when they were within reach of their own guns. Was present and charged at the Battle of Balaklava, where, his horse being shot under him, he stopped on the field with a wounded officer (Captain Webb) amidst a shower of shot and shell, although repeatedly told by that officer to consult his own safety and leave him, but he refused to do so, and on Sergeant John Farrell coming by, with his assistance carried Captain Webb out of range of the guns”.
Promoted Troop Sergeant Major 18.4.1856.
London Gazetted on 24th February 1857.
He also served during Indian Mutiny 1858
Married 14.1.1861 to Miss Eliza Suright in India.
Lieutenant and Quartermaster 12.4.1864.
One child, Florence, born 21.3.1865.
Attended First Balaclava Banquet 25.10.1875.
Member Balaclava Commemoration Society 1879.
Zulu War 1879
Promoted from ranks of 17th Lancers to be Quarter Master in 5th Lancers on 19.5.1880,
Honorary Captain 1881, Honorary Major 1883.
Attended Annual Dinners in 1890, 1892, 1893 and 1895
Died 27.6.1896 at Upper Court, Woldingham, Surrey.
Memorial in St. Agatha’s Churchyard, Woldingham.
VICTORIA CROSS, Crimea (clasps Alma, Balaclava, Inkerman, Sebastopol), Turkish Medal, Indian Mutiny Medal (clasp for Central India), South African Medal (clasp for Ulundi)